What Is Back Link Building

So what is back link building and why is it important in SEO? Well you can pretty much assume that anyone who is trying to rank for a particular keyword is going to optimize their page for that would: have the right keyword density, the keywords in headline titles, and in the URL.

If you assume the content is pretty similar, with good readable content then how will the search engines then decide which site should be ranked higher than another, similar site?

SEO has two elements; On-Page and Off-page. On-Page SEO deals with what’s on your website pages and posts in order to get better search engine rankings. Off-Page SEO is about other websites linking to pages and posts on your website.

If the On-Page SEO of two sites is equal then search engines will look at which has more “votes” of popularity. Or in other words which site has more links anywhere on the internet pointing back to it.

The answer to what is back link building, it is the process of increasing a website’s popularity and authority, by deliberately placing links to pages of your website from as many external websites as possible.

There is a natural, or organic link building process where other people will share your links or where you share it with your social network.

While you can control the content and the links from your site you do not have full control over who puts links in theirs articles or pages. But you can certainly help the process by creating articles and commenting on other blogs and forums external to your site purposely to create links that will point back to pages and posts in your own websites. That is what link building is all about.

So how is link building beneficial to a site”?

1: Every external link that points back to your site is regarded as a vote for that page or post that is linked to. The greater the number of in-bound links you have the more the sign of greater popularity of your web page or the blog post. 구글광고대행

2: Each link is actually a potential “door” to your site. You’ll get more traffic because if there are more links to it there is more likelihood that people will click on a link that leads back to your site. Once you generate momentum you also find a virtuous circle where more visitors lowers your Alexa rank which indicates increasing web authority, which increases your ranking and leads to more visitors. More visitors should mean more opt-ins to your list and ultimately more revenue

3: More visitors (hits) will mean more people referring to your site and sharing it. That means you will generate more of those backlinks…

4: Every back link contributes to your page’s rank (PR) number, (0 – 10 with 10 PR being the highest.) Page Rank is a measure of a web page’s importance. Every web page on a website (including the home page) has a PR rating which you can check by installing the free. High PR websites are regarded as having higher authority, in the eyes of the search engines because of the “votes” they’ve received.

Google has hundreds of criteria in its “algorithm” that determine rankings and on-page keyword optimisation and off-page back link building are only two of the factors. We don’t even know what many of the criteria are because the Google programmers are sworn to secrecy. But we can work on what we do know and certainly these two factors are heavily weighted.

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